Our Approach

Renowned for operational excellence

A safe pair of hands for your flying operations

British International Helicopters has built an outstanding reputation for its ability to design and execute flexible, safe and reliable helicopter operations across a wide range of contracts, acting as a partner to clients in its determination to deliver competitive and agile services and renowned for its operational excellence.

BIH operates on a EASA Air Operators Certificate, with UK Civil Aviation Authority Search and Rescue, Helicopter Hoist Operations and Night Vision Systems approvals and is compliant with UK Civil Aviation Publications, UK MoD Military Regulatory Publications, ISO9001, British Standards and RUK Offshore Renewable Aviation Guidelines.

BIH guarantees comprehensive safety and support to all customers. This is achieved through years of experience and expertise in each field and provisioned by operational flexibility. Our broad experience across Military Support, SAR, Offshore Energy and Onshore Utility services means BIH is recognised as a leader in its field. BIH is an active member of Renewable UK and the RUK Aviation Working Group.

The team has also written the operational manual for the use of the AW189 in search and rescue roles – a world first in 2016.

Although each customer contractual partnership is bespoke, we provide all clients with open reporting, flexible contractual partnerships and regular performance meetings.


Renowned for operational excellence.